Activities for Biscuit Books

Biscuit Storybook Collection
Biscuit Storybook Collection

Plan some fun supplemental activities for Biscuit books that kids can do after reading the cute tales of the girl and her dog.

About Biscuit Books

Biscuit books are the perfect books to read to toddlers and for emergent readers to attempt themselves. The books focus on an unnamed little girl, aged between five and seven years old, and her yellow dog named Biscuit. Author Alyssa Satin Capucilli's daughter enjoyed adventures with the neighbor's golden retriever and out of this, the author wrote the first Biscuit book.

Along with illustrator Pat Schories, a number of books featuring Biscuit and the girl are available from publisher HarperCollins, ranging from simple board books for toddlers to those in the "I Can Read" collection.

Educational Activities for Biscuit Books

With the repetitive "woof, woof" lines and easy to follow plots, the Biscuit books are excellent choices for children to read to themselves or read with parents or teachers. Biscuit books focus on holidays, celebrations and everyday activities, like visiting the doctor, which young children understand. This makes them perfect for planning activities both at home and in the classroom.

Classroom Activities

Biscuit books are great for using in primary grade classrooms. Preschoolers, kindergartners and first graders will especially enjoy reading the Biscuit books and doing follow-up projects and activities. Guided reading activities are perfect for using with Biscuit books, as they have a simple plot and kids of any reading skill level can follow along.

golden retriever puppy Read about a girl and her puppy.

On the author's website are printable worksheets featuring Biscuit, including seek-a-words, matching sheets and coloring sheets. In addition to reading activities and worksheets, consider doing one of these ideas in the classroom:

  • Woof, Woof Wall: Create a word wall that features new vocabulary words from the Biscuit books. Have kids then write the words down in a notebook with the proper definition.
  • Biscuit Book Bag: Purchase a small yellow dog plush toy. Place it in a book bag with a notebook. Every weekend, send the book bag home with one student, who then journals in the notebook about each adventure that the two enjoy together. Monday morning, have the student read the journal entries aloud to the entire class.
  • Big Biscuit Book: Create a classroom book with stories featuring the Biscuit dog and the little girl. Remind each student about the repetitive "woof, woof" that appears every couple of sentences in most of the Biscuit books. Put them together into one large Biscuit book for the class library.

Teachers doing a unit on Biscuit find that they can prepare cross-curriculum lessons using Biscuit as a basis. For example, work on match skills using cut-out dog treats that Biscuit might eat. Talk about personal hygiene after reading the book Biscuit Visits the Doctor. A unit on animal biology is perfect following a reading of Biscuit Visits the Petting Zoo.

Activities at Home

A good way to come up with activities at home is to focus on each individual book. In each book, Biscuit and the little girl do activities that easily translate into real-life projects.

The holiday and celebration books with Biscuit and the little girl are perfect for keeping kids busy throughout the year. For example, in Happy Easter, Biscuit! the little girl and Biscuit hunt for Easter eggs, which is a great activity to do following a reading of this book. On Alyssa Stain Capucilli's website is a Biscuit's Earth Day Celebration PDF printable that offers activity ideas like making a bird's nest snack and planting a tree.

Other Biscuit books offer plenty of ideas for winter and summertime reading activities for kids, too. After reading Biscuit's Snowy Day, kids and parents can head outside in their own snow to make build a snowman, make snow angels and then drink cocoa, just like Biscuit and the little girl. During the summer months, do similar activities to Biscuit and the girl in Biscuit's First Beach Day or Biscuit's Day at the Farm.

Activities with Biscuit books provide a great starting point for families to do together. Start by reading the book together and then doing one of the things that Biscuit and the girl do in the book as a family.

Activities for Biscuit Books