Alphabet Books to Read Online

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Alphabet books to read online can help you introduce your child to the wonderful world of letters.

Helping Your Child Understand the Alphabet

Children often begin learning their alphabet without any real concept as to why they are learning it. While of course memorization of the uppercase and lowercase letters is a major steppingstone to reading and writing, it's even more important to help a child understand just how those letters really work together. You can create simple situations that not only introduce the alphabet to your child but also help her understand how it really works in everyday living.

  • Point out familiar objects-Start with simple words, like "cat", "dog", and "car." Then, move on to your child's name, spelling each one out and talking about each letter.
  • Find words that begin with the same letter-Begin with the letter that starts your child's name, then search for other objects that start with the same letter, pointing them out and asking your child to repeat the word.
  • Use other sources-While of course books are your best source for introducing the alphabet, there are many other sources, like magazines, cereal boxes, billboards, signs, magnetic letters, and of course the Internet. Alphabet books to read online provide a wonderful opportunity for combining technology with reading.

Using Alphabet Books to Read Online

With so many tangible alphabets books available, why should you search for alphabet books to read online? Ask almost any kindergartener what his favorite part of the school day is, and you just might get the answer "using the computer!" Kids are just naturally drawn to the mysteries that computer games and online websites offer. So, why not take advantage of this fascination by accessing alphabet books online to help your child learn his alphabet? Kids love to manipulate the mouse and scroll through the online pages of a book, and you can help them build their reading writing skills with the following activities:

  • Read together-Have your child verbalize the letters that she reads online, and ask her to repeat letters and sounds for each picture she comes to in the book.
  • Print out the book-If copyright allows you do so, consider printing out his favorite online alphabet books. You can then laminate them, and create your own handheld book to use when accessing a computer isn't convenient.
  • Make your own book-Use your computer to help your child create her own alphabet book, complete with pictures from clipart or other images. You can also print out a page for each letter, and then let your child search for objects that begin with that letter in magazines and newspapers. Ask her to repeat the sound of each letter she is working with.
  • Repetitive practice-Because some letters are simply more difficult for children to learn than others, create books that focus only on one letter, finding pictures and writing words in both uppercase and lowercase letters for additional practice.
  • Alphabet scavenger hunt-Create an alphabet scavenger hunt with the online books that you find. Give your child a sheet of paper listing the uppercase and lowercase letters. Have him search for each of these letters as he looks through the pages of the book on the computer. Once he finds a letter, he can cross it off his list.
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