Angel Stories for Kids

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Angel stories for kids can be a positive, affirming way to relate tales about these spiritual beings in a way that youngsters can understand.

Angels All Around

Many children have heard of angels, even if they don't practice a religion that promotes the belief that angels exist in heaven and even help humans on earth. Kids who are raised in the Christian faith are very likely to be familiar with these heavenly beings. Many stories about angels relate how helpful and powerful angels are.

The Bible is full of tales that include angels, from the very beginning and the Garden of Eden to the Book of Revelations. Any of these stories can be told to children so long as adults relay them in child-friendly ways and in a manner appropriate to a child's age.

Children who believe that a guardian angel watches over them can feel comforted during times of trouble. They may also feel more comfortable talking about angels or believing that angels help people. For these kids, stories about angels are more likely to be positive and believable.

Popular Angel Stories for Kids

You'll find angel stories in book form and also online. Angel stories are suitable for a wide age range. Sunday School teachers may find them useful for weekly classes, while parents may want to give these books as gifts to encourage reading, especially in the area of religious influence. This is a small selection of angel stories for kids that adults may find appropriate for their little ones:

  • The site ainglkiss offers a wealth of biblical instruction just for kids. A section of the site is devoted to angel stories; the reading level is about elementary age, so beginning readers may need help from a grownup or older sibling. Besides telling the stories in a child-friendly manner, the site also offers questions that kids can think about, as well as prayers and where in the Bible children can find the story. Some of the angel stories for kids you'll find here include:
    • The Creation Story, or how Satan was as an angel until he fell
    • How the angel Gabriel told The Virgin Mary that she would bear a Son
    • The angel relating the Good News that Jesus was risen
    • How an angel comforted Jesus as He prayed
  • Angels Watching Over Me is a delightful song in book form which tells children about angels and how they watch over and comfort people. A music CD is included to help kids remember the song better.
  • For children ages 2 to 5, the board book Christmas Angels by Crystal Bowman explains why angels are so important to the holiday season.
  • Angels, Angels Everywhere by Larry Libby is suitable for ages 4 to 7 and explains to little children how angels are all around and here to protect them.
  • The Littlest Angel is a classic story about an angel who presents a gift to the newborn Jesus.

Children and Angels

Whether you check out a book from the library, buy one or read a story online, angel stories are perfect for children year-round, not just around the holidays. Even the youngest child can begin to understand the role of angels in his or her life, from their helpful nature to that of a personal guardian that offers comfort any time.

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Angel Stories for Kids