Books for Helping Children Deal with Anger

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Emotions can be hard for kids to handle, so finding books for helping children deal with anger is a great way to teach them coping skills.

Suggested Kids' Books for Anger Management

Books for Ages 4-8

By age four, children are able to sit through a picture book story and are able to express themselves using spoken language. Youngsters with anger issues in this age range may benefit from reading the following stories available at

  • Mad Isn't Bad: A Child's Book About Anger: This book covers different situations and solutions dealing with anger. It contains some Christian references.
  • When I Feel Angry: Lower elementary children will identify with the bunny character that experiences many situations that make her angry, like situations often found in real life of young children. The bunny finds acceptable ways to release her anger.
  • Angry Octopus: A Relaxation Story: Kids learn to relax their muscles and control their breathing by following the directions of the sea child demonstrates the techniques to the octopus in this book.

Books for Ages 9-12

Older kids are able to follow complicated children's book themes about anger without the use of animal characters and using complex language. The books listed below offer children the opportunity to work through their anger issues using systematic solutions for various situations:

  • What to Do When Your Temper Flares: A Kid's Guide to Overcoming Problems with Anger: This is a self-help books for kids, written in language they understand. The book offers cognitive-behavior solutions for children with anger and step-by-step instructions on how to do the techniques listed.
  • How to Take the Grrrr Out of Anger: Fun illustrations help kids deals with anger-what causes it, how to recognize it and how to handle it without violence.
  • I'm Not Bad, Just Mad: This workbook offers older kids a chance to work through their emotions using the activities included. The topics covered in the book offer a starting point for classroom and family discussions regarding anger issues.

Pre-adolescent kids are not always forthcoming or open to talking about anger with adults, so giving them a book about dealing with anger is a good way to open the door for further communication.

Other Sources

Books written for children are an excellent resource for dealing with the issue of anger. Look for one that deals with the specific issue a child is facing, such as hitting or tantrums, if a child has a problem with a particular facet of anger. Adults who need help finding books for helping children deal with anger have several resources available. Ask for book recommendations from the following professionals:

  • School guidance counselor
  • County family service personnel
  • Pediatrician or family doctor
  • Children's librarian

Professionals can recommend a book that deals with a specific issue that a particular child is having with anger, whether it is how to express anger or how to control oneself when angry.

Seek Professional Assistance

Children who are excessively angry or who have experienced trauma may need an anger management test from a professional. In these cases, books are helpful tools to use at home in conjunction with counseling and other family services.

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Books for Helping Children Deal with Anger