Books on Gardening for Kids

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Books on gardening for kids offer fun learning experiences that naturally appeal to children. Inspire an interest in nature, science and aesthetics while teaching valuable lessons with children's gardening books.

Recommended Children's Gardening Books

Gardening can be a wonderful hobby for people of all ages and kids certainly have a knack for getting their hands dirty. Some books about gardening can help make playing in the dirt a fun and productive experience for children.

Gardening Wizardry for Kids

Gardening Wizardry for Kids by L. Patricia Kite is a top pick when it comes to books on gardening for kids because it has many different facets. Learning styles differ from one child to the next and this text offers experiments, activities and information that appeal to children who learn by doing (kinesthetic learners). The book has many fascinating tidbits that are of interest to teachers, parents and kids alike. The activities are designed for the indoors, so they may be used in any season.

  • History and folklore of common fruits and vegetables
  • Folklore and history of herbs
  • Worms, snails and pill bugs
  • Basics of growing plants indoors
  • Indoor plant experiments
  • Crafts
  • Plant trivia

The hands-on activities vary from projects that have quick results to ones that take considerable time to see the final product. Children learn to develop an appreciation of delayed gratification as they learn about how things grow.

Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots

Sharon Lovejoy's Roots, Shoots Buckets & Boots is an excellent choice for teaching kids about gardening. This book about gardening for children has imaginative artistic flair that makes the text stand out. The activities combine creative elements that help kids see how everything comes together as well as the purpose for the garden activities.

An example is the moon garden filled with scented plants that attract night creatures. The author writes, "Fragrance is the color of night." This gardening activity appeals to the senses and it provides an excellent opportunity to teach children about metaphor and imagery. Each "theme garden" features creative ways to help kids make connections between gardening and learning.

The book lists the top 20 plants for children and the basics of gardening.

Kids First Gardening Book

Books on gardening for kids include outdoor activities, indoor plants and creative ventures. The Ultimate Step-by-Step Kids' First Gardening Book offers 150 garden projects for children. The activities are broken down into small steps and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. The book is written on a reading level suitable for readers aged 9 to 12 years old, but children as young as five can enjoy the activities with guidance.

The book includes everything from indoor gardening to craft projects for kids. The introduction provides the basics of gardening and hands-on projects follow through the rest of the text.

Kid-Friendly Plants

Cindy Krezel's book, 101 Kid-Friendly Plants has much to offer. The book organizes by type and colorful pictures along with detailed descriptions help children identify featured plants easily. Suggestions for using the plants in a garden along with hands-on activities make this book a fun yet practical choice. The book included information for both indoor and outdoor gardening.

Gardening Fiction for Kids

Fiction about gardening for kids can help pique a child's interest in reading and in gardening. Combining fiction with projects for the garden is a great way to help young readers make connections between real life and stories.

Miss Rumphius

Miss Rumphius, written and illustrated by Barbara Cooney, is a timeless book that has a beautiful message. A young girl is inspired by her grandfather to make the world a more beautiful place. She grows to travel the world, quietly planting flower seeds along the way. The story comes full circle, offering a gentle message that the things we plant often grow, flourish and continue to spread. While the message of the book is deep, the seamless tone and beautiful illustrations make this book a treasure.

The Gardener

Another sensitive text that touches the plant-lover in its readers is The Gardener by Sarah Stewart. The book is set during the bleak years of the Great Depression and consists of letters written by the main character, Lydia Grace Finch. The perspective is moving as the young girl describes her family's situation and her efforts to bring joy through a few packets of flower seeds.

The Carrot Seed

The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss is a simple story about a little boy who cautiously plants a single carrot seed. While those around him insist that it won't grow, the boy stands his ground to find that the carrot sprouts as big as his faith. The language and the message are powerfully clear in this classic children's book.

Reading and Gardening

Instructional books on gardening for kids have much to offer and when they are supplemented with fiction about gardeners, the experience is heightened, which can build interest in reading. Projects are seemingly endless and are suitable for the classroom as well as for summer reading activities.

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Books on Gardening for Kids