Books on Positive Thinking for Young Girls

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Books on positive thinking for young girls play an important role in helping young girls develop and maintain positive self-esteem in a media-inspired world that often focuses on outward appearance as opposed to an overall optimistic self-image.

Importance of Self-Esteem

Young girls and women today are bombarded with society's definition of what the term "beauty" means. Outward appearance isn't just emphasized. Its standards are dictated by the media in a variety of forms. In fact, girls don't have to leave the comfort of their living rooms to encounter the pressure that society inflicts upon them as it demands a certain standard for body images. Magazines, Internet ads and headlines, movies and television shows epitomize the American view of beauty, and those girls who feel they don't "measure up" have to find a way to deal with their feelings of inadequacy and failure.

Parents' and Educators' Roles

What can parents and educators do to reverse the damage that may result from these outside influences? Whether they realize it or not, the adults in these young girls' lives have the capability to influence a girl's self-image greatly. There's more to this statement, however, then to just casually utter "beauty is only skin deep." In today's world, girls must be taught to embrace their own inner and outer beauty.

  • Books-Books on positive thinking for young girls are wonderful tools for influencing girls to think for themselves and to understand that they do not have to conform to the skewed expectations that society often portrays. To help girls fully reap the benefits that these books and other reading materials can offer, however, read along with them, and discuss what was read, listening to their questions and offering insightful advice.
  • Classes-As more communities recognize the need to offer girls an alternative look at femininity, many offer classes that focus on building positive self-esteem and body image. Girls attend these classes and learn how to love their bodies and their minds, and they learn to recognize the often unrealistic portrayal of women and girls by the media.

Selection of Books on Positive Thinking for Young Girls

There are numerous books on positive thinking for young girls that offer girls real-world advice and down-to-earth heroines from which they can model their own lives. The following is a list of positive thinking books that young girls will enjoy.

Finally, inspirational non-fiction books can truly encourage young girls to appreciate their bodies and their minds. On the other hand, many other books feature fictional characters that can also offer inspiration and become models for positive thinking. Check out the following books:

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Books on Positive Thinking for Young Girls