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Books on Tape for Kids

Children's Book of Virtues Audio book
The Children's Book of Virtues Audio Treasury

Books on tape for kids have numerous benefits that parents and children can appreciate. In today's busy world where many people often feel they don't have time to curl up with a good book whenever they want, audio books can fill a literacy void and combine it with convenience.

Benefits of Audio Books

Whether you call them audio books or books on tape, these books are audio versions of paper books. Instead of holding a book in your hands, you can listen to the book as a narrator reads it, word for word. While many people still prefer the "old-fashioned" method of reading, the popularity of audio books has increased in recent years and will probably continue to rise, as today's child grows into tomorrow's digitally dependent adult.

Books on tape for kids provide some benefits, including the following:

  • Allow for multi-tasking: When children sit down with a paper book, they have to be engaged in it. It takes concentration and focus to read a book, and this quiet time doesn't really permit other activities to take place at the same time. Audio books, however, allow the listener to do more than one thing at a time; kids can play a simple game or help their parents with chores while the book plays in the background.
  • Suitable for the sight-impaired: Children who are sight-impaired can either read a Braille book or enjoy listening to an audio book.
  • Good for travel: Books on tape travel easily, whether they're on the older cassette tape form or on the newer CD format. They can be listened to on a portable cassette or CD player, or they can be placed in a car's audio system.
  • May interest reluctant readers: Some children struggle with reading. Parents and teachers often have a difficult time getting these kids interested in reading. Audio books may be a step in the right direction for children who have reading problems. They may feel more comfortable listening to a book, and in time, they may find they want to pick up the paper copy and read it for themselves, especially if you introduce them to a character or series they love.
  • Good for groups: When a popular book comes out (think Harry Potter), parents may find themselves in a tough position if they have more than one avid reader at home. If you don't want to purchase two books for two kids, consider an audio book, which they can listen to at the same time.
  • Improve Listening skills: Recorded books offer excellent opportunities to develop auditory processing skills that are invaluable in school and in everyday situations.

One downside to books on tape is that they're almost always more expensive than their paper counterparts, an issue that may make the budget-conscious shop around for the lowest prices they can find.

Where to Find Books on Tape for Kids

A visit to your local bookstore or library is a smart way to find books on tape for you and for children. In some cases, the paper book accompanies the audio book as a set, allowing the listener to read along if she wants. These online retailers carry a huge selection of audio books that youngsters will enjoy:

  • Books on Tape allows readers to search by category, genre or literature award.
  • Disney offers select titles of books related to their huge collection of films. Kids can view and listen to the books online in an interactive format.
  • Amazon carries a large selection of audio books for the entire family, including many titles perfect for the young reader in your life.

Even if your child prefers paper books, having a few audio books on hand can be especia helpful during long car rides or when you don't want kids fighting over one book. It can also be a way for you to enjoy the story as well, and prompt a family discussion that brings you closer together.

Books on Tape for Kids