Books with a Karate Theme for Kids

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There are plenty of great books with a karate theme for kids. Karate is a form of martial arts, which teaches self-discipline, confidence, concentration, respect, memorization and physical fitness. Whether or not your child is taking karate lessons, reading a book with a karate theme will instruct, entertain and get your kids interested in reading. You can find karate books for kids in all genres of fiction, non-fiction, biographies, coloring and instructional books.

Fiction Books with a Karate Theme for Kids

Fiction books with a karate theme will usually have a hero and a moral dilemma the character needs to solve. The characters teach the reader how to deal with bullies, to overcome fears, to be persistent and to perform hard work. The following are some great fiction books with a karate theme for children.

  • Why is Everybody Picking on Me; A Guide to Handling Bullies by Terrence Webster-Doyle, is packed with fictional stories, games and activities to teach the basic precepts of karate.
  • The Black Belt Club is a scholastic book club miniseries written by Dawn Barnes for children age seven to 11 years of age. The book is full of action packed stories that teach positive life lessons.
  • A Bundle of Sticks, written by Pat Mauser McCord, is a humorous story of a young boy who overcomes his fears and stands up against the school bully. Written for children nine and up.
  • The Adventures of Pie-Pie, written by Ron and Julie Elrod, is a humorous story about a little ninja who gains courage, persistence and learns to work hard.
  • Sensei Teaches Focus by James Wright, is a series of stories about a boy named Art who begins his karate training unfocused and timid, but develops into a talented martial artist with great concentration abilities.
  • Angels Don't Know Karate: Adventures of the Bailey School Kids, written by Debbie Dadey, is a popular miniseries of adventure books for elementary school aged children. This book is about a new karate teacher who recently moved to Bailey City and becomes the school's crossing guard, teaching the Bailey Kids kindness and generosity.

Non-Fiction Karate Books

Books with a karate theme for kids in the non-fiction genre can help your children learn the karate code of conduct and help them along their journey to black belt.

  • The Martial Arts Training Diary for Kids by Dr. Art Brisacher, provides some interesting bits of karate information, as well as a place for kids to write down in a diary the things they are learning in their karate lessons.
  • Respect-The Martial Arts Code of Conduct, written by Terrence Webster-Doyle, teaches that the foundation of martial arts is respect for life, good will, and peace. It is geared towards children four to nine-years-old and teaches good manners and respectful behavior.
  • A Part of the Ribbon, written by Ruth Hunter and Debra Fritsch, is a 216-page book about a fictional character named Jeffrey, his little sister, and their martial arts teacher, who journey through time into the ancient history of Korean Tae Kwon Do. Along the way, they relive some of the most pivotal moments in Korean history.

Biographies about Karate Masters

Reading about the lives of real-life karate heroes can help children model their behavior after successful men and women.

  • Be Water, My Friend: The Early Years of Bruce Lee, written by Ken Mochizuki, is about the life of martial arts superstar, Bruce Lee. This book is a picture book and biography written for children ages five to eight.
  • Everyday Warriors by Ruth Hunter, is a biographical book featuring one hundred martial artists who have used their karate skills to persevere, meet challenges, and in some cases become legends, superstars, heroes, and champions.

Instructional Karate Books

Instructional karate books teach karate, history, form and katas (karate routines) with great illustrations.

  • Karate-The Child's World of Sports, written by Thomas J. Buckley, is an instructional book that explores the history of karate and gives some review of techniques for kicks, strikes, and blocks. Written for children ages seven to 14.
  • The Martial Arts Coloring Book by Century Martial Arts, is a coloring and activity book that focuses on the introduction of martial arts, including karate.

How to Get These Books

Books with a karate theme make great gifts. Pick up these books at your library, local bookstore or online. The following are a few karate websites where these books can be found:

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