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Christian moral short stories are a great way to make Christian values accessible to children of all ages. Stories have a way of sticking with people, and they activate the brain in a very different way than… Keep reading »

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About Children's Books
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Learning About Children's Books

Children's books are integral to a child's mental and emotional development. Spending a few minutes each day sharing stories with a child offers many rewards for everyone involved. Classic tales are timeless favorites, but many new publications offer elements specifically designed for teaching.

When it comes to stories for kids, there are countless options. Children's literature dates back many centuries, beginning with oral presentations that families shared for generations. Gradually, many of these stories developed into their present forms.

Earliest Books

In the early years of children's literature, stories were recited so often that they were committed to memory. This is the case for many classics. During the middle ages, few children could read and few stories were written for the young audience. The European Renaissance experienced a surge in children's stories finally available in print.

Modern Books

More books for kids are available than ever before as more parents and educators are becoming aware of why reading is important. A stunning array of writing is available for babies, toddlers, young children, tweens and teens. Many of the texts offer specific lessons for kids:

  • Babies and toddlers
    • Object labeling
    • Early language development
    • Social development
    • Cause-and-effect learning
  • Young children
    • Emotional development
    • Social skills
    • Academic learning
    • Phonetics
    • Moral lessons
  • Tweens and teens
    • Emotional processing
    • Complex social issues
    • Intellectual development
    • Analogous thought
    • Critical thinking

    Making the Most of Book Collections

    Selecting from the many options available is aspect about children's books that can be very challenging. Consider specific goals and objectives when evaluating children's literature. However, many times the best approach is to select subjects, images and stories that appeal to you on a personal level.Learning about children's books also involves maximizing the reading experience. Nonfiction, picture books and imaginative tales each have something unique to offer. Create a positive experience by setting a special routine to share with your child every day that involves reading and exploring books.
About Children's Books