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Article Highlight: Leprechaun Stories for Kids

Childhood should be filled with magic and whimsy. During your next story time, add a bit o' Irish by focusing on leprechauns. These two, original stories will have you checking around just to make sure that you… Keep reading »

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If you're looking for a book to give as a gift or simply in search of fun stories to read to your child, this collection of children's books slideshows can help you browse and hone your choices.

Children's Book Recommendations

These children's books slideshows offer concise information that is readily accessible in an entertaining format. Many of the shows provide access to excellent books for children that are available for purchase online,both as new and used books.

The quest for an outstanding collection of books for your child begins with research, and LoveToKnow slideshows offer the tools you need to find great selections. We have suggestions on books for toddlers and preschoolers, as well as stories that are suitable for children who are just learning how to read independently. Building your child's personal library has never been easier!

Finding Great Books for Kids

Many resources are available for parents looking for the best selections for their kids. The slideshow, Great Toddler Books offers wonderful suggestions to consider. No collection would be complete without at least of the classics found in this slideshow presentation. Classic Fairy Tales features must-have selections the are perfect for any child's library. These timeless classics have thrilled generations of children and they promise to continue to bring joy to children for generations to come.

Learning is a natural part of the reading process. Animal Alphabet Books can help children learn the letters of the alphabet in a fun, engaging way. Most children love animals, so this is an excellent tool for encouraging an interest in reading.

Searching for the right books to complete a child's collection is an ongoing process. LoveToKnow's Children's Books slideshows offer excellent choices for you to consider.

Childrens Books Slideshows