Chapter Books for Girls

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Luckily, for young readers, there is a variety of chapter books for girls sure to hold her interest. Whether she's too young to read independently or she's a budding reader who loves discovering new tales, girls will find a huge variety of stories that will appeal to them. From books written centuries ago to modern-day adventures, chapter books for girls include tales about ordinary children, wizards, country life, mysteries and many other themes that never go out of style.

Various Chapter Books for Girls

The types of books that girls love to read vary as much as the girls themselves. Some will immerse themselves in stories about princesses, while others prefer darker tales. This is only a short list of some popular titles and series that girls of all ages will enjoy:

  • Charlotte's Web: The story about a pig named Wilbur and his beloved spider friend Charlotte has captured the hearts of girls and boys for many decades. Girls may feel a special connection to Fern, who saves Wilbur's life and becomes a friend to all of the animals on Zuckerman farm.
  • Nancy Drew series: Smart amateur detective Nancy Drew solves case after case, all the while maintaining her poise and middle-class values.
  • Little House on the Prairie series: Follow the joys and struggles of life on the frontier in the late 19th century as related by real-life Laura Ingalls Wilder. She writes about her family life and growing up in this historical fiction (with quite a few autobiographical elements) series.
  • Little Women: This classic story of the four March sisters and their mother during the U.S. Civil War was an instant success when first published in the late 1860s.
  • Harry Potter series: Although the title character is a boy wizard, both boys and girls have enjoyed this immensely popular series about witches and wizards attending the fictional Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. One of Harry's best friends is Hermione Granger, a clever witch that girls can relate to as she grows up with typical concerns and issues that affect all girls.
  • Magic Tree House series: Follow brother and sister team Jack and Annie as they travel through time to solve riddles and break spells.
  • Anne of Green Gables: Young orphan Anne comes to live with middle-aged siblings, who are looking for a helper on their farm. Instead, Anne enriches their lives with her precociousness and imagination.
  • Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret: This Judy Blume tale tackles themes that other girls' books avoided, such as puberty. Any girl who desperately wanted to grow up will connect with the title character as she struggles to understand the changes her body is (and isn't) going through.
  • Ramona the Pest is the first in the Ramona series, a perfect chapter book choice for first graders. Rambunctious Ramona navigates her way through kindergarten, where she has trouble not pulling Susan's curls and finally gets to kiss Davy.
  • A Little Princess relates the story of Sara Crewe, a wealthy girl turned pauper after the death of her father. She bravely continues to keep her high spirits and displays kindness, and is rewarded at the end.

Books for Both Genders

Not all girls want to read books that are targeted specifically toward girls. The Harry Potter series is popular with both genders. Allow girls to choose the books that most interest them, whether it's a more "traditional" choice such as A Little Princess or an unconventional one. Letting her choose which books she wants to read is sure to keep her interested in reading, no matter if the story is about a wizard, a hobbit, a princess or whatever else intrigues her.

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Chapter Books for Girls