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Kids Reading the Bible

Children's Bible stories in Spanish are quite easy to find for any parent or teacher looking for this resource. Many websites, ebook downloads (both free and subscribed) and a vast assortment of engaging print books all provide a wonderful, simple to understand introduction to the Bible for children.

Web Resources

The internet is a diverse place perfect to find any bit of information required on any topic in a broad selection of languages including Children's Bible stories in Spanish.

Spanish Childrens Bible Story Ebooks

Ebooks are a convenient way to bring the Bible and all its engaging stories to children and there are many Spanish translations available on many websites.

This link has several different resources for anyone looking for Bible stories translated into Spanish. There is a concise series of studies by Mark Reeves and other texts featuring The Book of Daniel and Ecclesiastes. These downloads are free for personal or educational use.

English and Spanish books geared towards children can be downloaded from this colorful attractive site. Some of the Spanish titles include:

  • Biblia Para Principiantes: This is a vibrant, colorful bestselling story Bible for children
  • Daniel y los leones: The courageous story of Daniel is shown here in great detailed drawings and reminds kids that God is there when we are alone or frightened.
  • David y Goliat: The classic story documents the tale of Gods assistance during the fight of David and Goliath.
  • El arca de Noé : Kids absolutely love the story of Noah and all the animals and learn in this book that God protects those who love him.
  • ¡Jesús está vivo!: This engaging description of the Easter story is quite detailed and it deals with everything from the arrest to the resurrection in simple to follow text.
  • Jesús y los niños: This is a board book for preschoolers, which shows Jesus and children and reinforces that every child is loved.
  • Jonás y el gran pez: The story of Jonah is used to reassure kids that their parents and God love them even if they are bad or disobedient.

Spanish Books About the Bible for Children

  • Story of Jesus(Bilingual English and Spanish) by Patricia A. Pingry

The life of Jesus is chronicled here from birth to resurrection with ephemeral watercolor illustrations and clear text. The English and Spanish translations are on facing pages, which makes it easy for any parent to help kids learning either language.

  • El Regalo del Pastor (A Shepherd's Gift) by Mary Calhoun

This is the nativity story told with lovely illustrations and well crafted prose which will appeal to a child's sense of Magic about this time and event.

  • ¡Hechos! Una historia de la Biblia (Acts! A Bible Storybook) by Jack Hayford

Acts! takes elementary age children into the stories in the Book of Acts. They learn about healing, courage and even raising the dead in twelve easy to follow tales.

  • Los buscapleitos de la Biblia (Big Bad Bible Bullies) by Scott Hagan

Kids aged four to eight will find insightful lessons in these stories to deal with the bullies in their lives with confidence and compassion. Finding comfort in God during bad moments in school or sports can be the answer to this prevalent problem.

  • Mis 100 historias bíblicas más queridas (My 100 Best-loved Bible Stories) by Bruce Wilkinson

This book has gorgeous illustrations and child friendly descriptions of favorite Bible stories. The stories provide great interactive chat boxes and any character names are printed in bold for easy access.

  • Story of Christmas (Bilingual English and Spanish) by Patricia A. Pingry

This board book helps little readers see the Christmas story clearly and simply without many actual religious overtones..

  • Háblame de Dios (Tell Me About God) by Karyn Henley

God becomes more accessible and personal in this lovely book. Wonderful descriptions calling upon the concept of family help kids understand a very complicated topic.

Other Resources for Children's Bible Stories in Spanish

Bible stories for kids can also be found at the local library and bookstore. Amazon and Chapters have extensive selections of easy to order and ship books about the Bible for children and adults alike.

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Children's Bible Stories in Spanish