Christian Moral Short Stories for Kids

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Christian moral short stories are a great way to make Christian values accessible to children of all ages. Stories have a way of sticking with people, and they activate the brain in a very different way than a list of facts does. Here's where to go online to find Christian short stories to share with your kids.

Short Stories With Moral Messages

A story can be set in any time period and any nation and still share Christian values. There are many stories available for children with Christian moral message.

Free online short stories include:

  • Surrounded by Gifts - This story examines a girl who receives gifts every day but can't seem to be grateful for them.
  • At the Carnival - A family moves in next to a free carnival. The locals don't ever go. Why not? Discover what they find at the fair.
  • A Bad Dream - Max's dad discovers a lie by reading Max's journal. Can the two learn to forgive each other?
  • Baby Polar Bears - Pudgy and a few other baby polar bears find a huge trove of fish. Will they hoard it, or share it with others less fortunate?
  • The New Backpack - A short allegory about how sin seems easy to carry at first, but over time becomes heavier and heavier.
  • Tony's Silver Dollar - Tony loses a prized possession his grandfather gave him. Will praying help him find it?
  • The Broken Whiffersnapple - Joy intends to take care of her toys, she really does. But a messy room means a broken whiffersnapple - where will she find help?
  • Oscar Needs a Library Card - Someone is stealing Gabby's library books when she tries to return them. Discover who Oscar is and why he hasn't asked for a library card.
  • Lindy the Ladybug Loses Her Spots - Lindy thinks everyone will dislike her if she no longer has her beautiful spots. What will happen when she doesn't look like everyone else?
  • A Friend for Boris - Boris the cat has moved to a new neighborhood. Will he be able to make friends, or is everyone too busy for him?

Some of the stories list the moral at the end, and others make the values clear through the account itself. Either way, these short stories are an excellent way to share your morals with your children.

Christian Short Story Books

Sometimes you don't want just to find a collection of stories online, you want a book you can hold in your hand. There are a variety of books that collect Christian short stories in a way that's easy to read to your kids.

Some books to consider include:

If you're looking for a physical book that you can bring into the bedroom for story time each night, these selections are perfect. Each story will help you illustrate key moral truth to your children.

Stories Based on the Bible

Some Christian short stories are based on retelling Bible accounts. From the story of Abraham to the resurrection, kids can learn great Christian values from Bible stories. Often these Bible stories are shared in ways that are simplified so that kids can easily grasp them.

It's easy to find free kids' Bible stories as well which will help you share the moral lessons of scripture with your children.

Stories Make an Impact

There's a reason Jesus used stories to teach the disciples. A story has a way of sinking into our memory and sticking with us for a long time. With these Christian moral short stories, you can help your kids understand what right living looks like. The stories you teach them as children can stick with them throughout their lives!

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Christian Moral Short Stories for Kids