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Discounted Children's Board Books

Susie McGee
baby and mother reading

Discounted children's board books can help you stock your child's bookshelves with quality books for a fraction of the retail price.

Benefits of Board Books

Why should you purchase board books to read to your child? There are actually several good reasons for stocking up on these kinds of books, and finding discounted children's board books will help you build a great selection of books in no time!

  • Loving introductions-What better way to introduce your baby to the love of reading than to share a few precious moments looking at a board book with her?
  • Sturdy construction-Probably the first feature on most parents' minds regarding board books are their sturdy construction. Since babies can get pretty rough on books, tearing pages, coloring on the pictures, etc., board books are the perfect alternative. In fact, the first books that you allow your baby to hold and manipulate on her own should probably be board books. Their stiff cardboard or cardstock construction will help them last through baby's poking, pulling, and even teething phases.
  • Perfect size-Some books are awkward and bulky for little fingers to manage, but board books are typically smaller, making them the perfect book for little hands to hold without help!
  • Pages and text-Not only are the books smaller in size, but the number of pages and amount of text on each page is usually quite a bit less than a traditional children's book.
  • Sensory smorgasbord-Many board books are actually a feast for the senses, with a variety of textures, hidden pictures, and even a variety of aromas for little ones to explore.

Choosing Board Books

How do you choose a board book that your child will love?

  • Age matters-Board books are appropriate for newborns up to the age of two and even three, depending upon the content. Older children will prefer books with more text and more pages, however.
  • Simple vs. complicated-Board books should include bright colors and contrast, with only a few simple pictures on each page. A book that is too "busy" with its colors and words will often cause a baby to lose interest quickly. Keep it simple. Books with white backgrounds and colorful pictures often work best.
  • Picture books-Picture board books are a great alternative for the traditional book. In fact, picture books are great for baby to enjoy all by herself. Not every book has to be filled with words!

Finding Discounted Children's Board Book

Where can you find discounted children's board books? Actually, you have many great options to help you build your children's home library.

  • Online auctions and classifieds-Online auctions like eBay often sell children's board books and other books at discounted prices, and many of these are sold in sets or lots, so you get more bang for your buck. You may find a good selection of board books at online-classified sites, like Craigslist as well. Amazon, sells new and used books, is another great option.
  • Consignment sales-One of the best places to find discounted board books is local consignment sales. If you haven't participated in one of these, you're missing out on a great opportunity to purchase a nice selection of children's books at very low prices. If you become a consignor, you can also sell books and other kids' items, making you some extra cash to buy…well…more books!
  • Yard/garage sales-Spend Saturday morning perusing yard and garage sales in your neighborhood. You can often find children's books for a quarter or less each!
  • Closeout discount stores-One of the most popular items at closeout stores are typically books. These stores often get in shipments of closeout books that they sell for 50 and even 75 percent off the retail price.
  • Book clubs-Book clubs are sometimes a great solution for filling a home library quickly. Check out the Children's Book-of-the-Month Club and Scholastic clubs for a great selection and good sign-up deals.

Internet Discount Sites

There are numerous Internet sites devoted to selling discounted children's books. Check out the following sites, and if you have any other suggestions you'd like to add, please do so in the comments section of this article.

Remember-there are just too many options out there for you to spend full price on a children's book!

Discounted Children's Board Books