Free Children's Easter Songs and Poems

Children's Easter Song

Dust away the last of the winter's cobwebs and enjoy Easter by finding free Easter songs and poems for your kids. Whether you celebrate with the Christian message at the forefront of your mind, or as a family holiday welcoming spring, there are lots of fun songs and poems you can incorporate into your celebration.

Songs for Easter

These Easter songs are easy to sing with simple lyrics. Many have actions as well.

Kiddy House

Kiddy House contains charming videos, lyrics, and information for two to six-year-olds. Among the song choices, you'll find the popular, Here Comes Peter Cottontail, and the counting song, Five Little Bunnies, with cartoon videos. Easter Song for Children has a beautifully produced video of rabbits and Hop With the Flop Hop Easter Dance is perfect for getting kids moving around. The songs can be used for ages three to six.


DLTK lists six Easter Songs with a Christian theme. The Jesus Alphabet Song provides a fresh take on the traditional ABC song everyone learns at school. All the songs are short, only one stanza, with the tune indicated in parenthesis at the top. A bonus is the link to crafts and coloring pages based on each song making them ideal for Sunday school teachers or parents who wish to spend a productive afternoon with their kids.


Childfun has Easter songs with chants and fingerplays to enjoy one-on-one or with small groups of preschool children. All the songs are about Easter bunnies. There is no music provided, but the site suggests which tune to use, so if the kids already know the tunes to Five Little Indians, London Bridge and other popular nursery rhymes, they'll join in with gusto.


Kididdles has an unusual selection to download and print. All about bunnies, ducks and eggs, they are suitable for children from four to seven years. The site provides music for each song so you can accompany the children on piano, organ or guitar if you wish.

Preschool Education

Preschool Education has ideas for easy Easter songs. It is ideal for preschool children who already know a number of nursery rhymes. Again, all tunes to sing to are indicated. There are several counting songs such as Jelly Bean Countdown, Ten Little Bunnies and Five Little Eggs, which makes the songs easy to incorporate into a classroom setting right before the Easter holiday.

Everything Preschool

Everything Preschool has a huge selection of songs. Many are suitable for use with toddlers who will love the actions and repetition. Others, such as Eggbert the Easter Egg, which tells a story, are longer and can be used for children from age three to seven. This site has enough to keep kids amused and giggling through several music sessions.

Easter Poems

Poems are great for kids to practice memorizing, or they can even take the place of bedtime stories during Easter.

Can Teach

Can Teach has several short Easter poems for kids. Some are suitable for preschool, but children from first to fourth grade will also enjoy the variety of the poems here. Many follow simple rhythms and rhyming patterns and are easy to memorize. There is a dialogue, counting poem and roundelay.

Youngster Corner

Youngster Corner displays poems for middle-school kids. There are 12 religious poems based on the Easter message. The poems include a mixture of rhyme and blank verse suitable for memorizing. However, a few shorter poems with simple rhythms and repetition are also included.

Poem Source

At Poem Source, you will find a variety of long and short Christian poems and inspirational messages by Joanna Fuchs. Some rhyme whereas others are in free verse. Above each is a few lines to explain its meaning, allowing you to scan the page for concepts you wish to emphasize. Easter Means Eternal Life tells the Easter story and This Life on Earth discusses the Resurrection and relates it to everyday life. This site is suitable for high school children and will prompt discussion.

Heaven Inspirations

The Easter-themed poems at Heaven Inspirations contain the Christian message. There are eight poems which you can read yourself or listen to on audio. You are asked not to change the poems in any way. The site also provides links to devotionals, stories and videos. It is appropriate for high school children.

Fundoo Times

Fundoo Times features mostly poems with the Christian Easter message, although there are a few secular poems. The poems are all short and unusual in content. Compare Even Though the Earth is Sunk in Sadness, to I Had an Easter Bunny. Most of the poems are simple enough for middle-school kids to understand and enjoy.

My Word Wizard

My Word Wizard is a mixed bag of poems for middle and high school children with various Easter themes. There is a small introduction to each section which discusses that page's ideas. The poems are individual and thought-provoking. Word Wizard asks children to submit their pictures and poems on the Easter theme, which is a great way to get your children involved in writing.

Using Easter Songs and Poems

Many songs are built from simple, repetitive rhyme, with themes centering on Easter bunny. They are ideal for 'mother and toddler' and preschool groups. Some suggest actions which can help kids let off steam. Teachers and club leaders can:

  • Motivate children and improve their confidence and self-esteem by working towards a presentation. It doesn't have to be extravagant; a simple mix of songs, spoken verse, and dialogue will suffice.
  • Include everyone by placing shy kids in the chorus.
  • Produce a background of artwork on the Easter theme.
  • Make cards and posters using poems as verses and messages.
  • Prompt discussions about the celebration of Easter, asking why the symbols of eggs and rabbits are so popular.

Easter Memories

Don't let Easter pass you by. Use the holiday to get even closer to your kids and make it a time to create family memories they'll talk about for years to come.

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Free Children's Easter Songs and Poems