Free Printable Christian Activity Books for Small Children

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Free printable Christian activity books for small children are excellent learning tools for kids too young to read the Bible. Because pages for these books are accessible through the Internet, there are minimal costs to print and distribute them, especially if you need to produce a large quantity for a Sunday school or religion class. Finding free books online is almost impossible, so your best bet would be to find as many as free printable pages as you like and put those together into a book.

About Christian Activity Pages and Books

Small children, typically those younger than five years old, can't read and rely on simple instructions to complete various learning tasks. Therefore, if you were looking for lessons about the Bible, then an activity book would be your best bet. Most Christian activity books have at least some of the following included:

  • Easy-to-read and understand Bible stories
  • Pictures to color
  • Pictures to cut out
  • Pages with a connect the dots to form a picture
  • Simple poems or songs
  • Bible crafts
  • Picture or sentence sequencing cards
  • Flash cards
  • Easy-to-understand games that can be cut out such as Bible bingo, dominos, jigsaw puzzles and mazes

Bible Stories Used in Activity Books

Not every story or book in the Bible would be suitable for a small child's activity book. Use your discretion. However, if you are in need of some ideas, here are some great Bible stories that are perfect for children to understand and from which they can learn a lesson or two:

  • Creation: Small children can learn how the universe was created
  • Adam and Eve: Teaches about being obedient to God
  • Noah's Ark: Shows youngsters that good can come from following God
  • Ten Commandments: Offers basic rules of behavior
  • David and Goliath: Shows how you can rely on God to help you with your problems
  • Birth and Death of Jesus: Teaches about the life and times of Christ

Free Printable Christian Activity Books for Children Online

It is a little difficult to find printable Christian activity books online, but you can always print pages and worksheets for the youngsters to complete.

Christian Preschool Printables

This free resource for Christian teaching materials has a large variety of activities geared specifically for small children:

  • Bible ABC: These coloring pages allow children to not only learn a Bible story, but also help them learn to trace and write their letters of the alphabet.
  • Bible Coloring Pages: Print out some of your child's favorite Bible stories and lessons including Jesus' baptism and His healing of the sick, as well as some cute religious pictures.
  • Bible crafts: These printable pages have some easy craft activities for small children to do, including coloring and cutting out the "Fruits of the Spirit" and making a Jesus loves you balloon craft.

Christian Bible Study Resources for Kids

This website offers an array of fun and educational Christian activities for young children:

  • Bible Verse Coloring Pages: Youngsters can learn various Bible verses by coloring pages associated with them. Coloring pages are available from both the Old and New Testaments.
  • Bible Stories: Children can learn about popular stories of the Bible, such as Jonah and the Whale, through mazes, coloring pages and printable jigsaw puzzles.
  • Bible ABC Color: Another resource for children where you can incorporate learning the alphabet along with the Bible.

Final Note

Instead of searching for pages of free printable Christian activity books for small children online, spend some time creating your own. You can take these printed pages and put them together into a book, or simply create some on your home computer. It's easy to put Bible verses on blank sheets. You can then have the children draw pictures to match the verse. This is just one idea. Use your imagination, but most of all, have fun!

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Free Printable Christian Activity Books for Small Children