Joke Books for Kids

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Joke books for kids are fun for the whole family to read together or for children to read by themselves. While reading joke books, your kids will be developing reading and memorization skills. Your children will also have hours of fun telling jokes to friends and family.

Joke Books for Kids Make Great Gifts

Books make great birthday or holiday presents because the memories of reading them last forever. Whether the gift is for a birthday or a get-well present, a joke book can entertain and keep children laughing. Another great idea is giving a joke book to your kids' schoolteacher for teacher appreciation day. The teacher can read a joke periodically during class as an incentive for good behavior or as a way to get the kids' attention.

Reading Skills

Joke books can teach reading. Books that use jokes, rhymes and limericks are easily memorized. This enhances letter and word recognition for beginning readers.

Great Joke Books for Kids

There are so many different types of joke books for children to choose from. Some of the most popular jokes are about animals, including elephant jokes, which really make kids crack up. Following is a list of joke books that include ones about animals, popular cartoons, knock-knock jokes and even a book with corny bad jokes.

  • Jokelepedia: The Biggest, Best, Silliest, Dumbest Joke Book Ever, by Ilana Weitzman, is a great overall collection of jokes.
  • Dogs Don't Tell Jokes, by Louis Sachar, is a great joke book for young children.
  • Camp Knock Knock, by Betsy Duffy, is a favorite collection of knock, knock jokes.
  • Going Buggy!: Jokes About Insects, by Peter Roop, will be loved by any boy or girl who loves bugs.
  • Just Giggle, from the American Girl Series, will be loved by girls and boys who enjoy the American Girls series.
  • Kiss a Frog: Jokes about Fairy Tales, Knights, and Dragons, by Ann Walton, is an entertaining and unique joke book.
  • The Rugrats' Joke Book, by David Lewman, will be loved by kids who enjoy the cartoon The Rugrats.
  • Rib Ticklers: A Book of Punny Animals, by Teri Sloat, is a great joke book for young children.
  • Something's Fishy! : Jokes About Sea Creatures, by Rick Walton, is another great book for young children.
  • The Ultimate Disney Joke Book, by Chip Lovitt, is a wonderful book for kids who love Disney shows.
  • Over the Top Clean Jokes for Kids, by Bob Phillips, is a silly book you can be sure has safe jokes for kids.
  • Spongebob Squarepants Joke Book, by David Lewman, is a book that will be enjoyed by all children who love the popular cartoon show Spongebob Squarepants.
  • Really, Really Bad Summer Jokes, by Rick Walton, is filled with corny jokes that kids love to tell.
  • Unforgettable Elephant Jokes, by Tania Hurt-Newton, is full of corny elephant jokes that are very popular.

Joke Books that Teach

Kids love to laugh and they love to tell jokes, especially to get the attention they need from adults. Telling jokes can give children verbal skills that may help them later in life with public speaking or just being comfortable in a group of friends. Telling a joke successfully can boost a child's self-esteem and may help him overcome shyness. The following books teach the art of joke telling.

  • You Must Be Joking, by Paul Brewer, has great jokes plus, "17 1/2 tips for remembering, telling, and making up your own jokes," according to the author. Kids love telling jokes, but sometimes it can be difficult to listen when they don't understand correct joke delivery and the importance of the punch line. This book will help them be more successful as comedians.
  • The book, Smarties How to Make 'em Laugh Joke Book, is full of jokes for kids, but also teaches them what is funny and how to make up jokes.
  • Funny You Should Ask: How To Make Up Jokes and Riddles with Wordplay, by Marvin Terban, teaches kids how to use their imaginations to come up with jokes and riddles. The author explains the importance of puns, homonyms and punch lines.
  • A kids favorite joke book, 101 Ways to Bug Your Parents, by Lee Wardlaw, may not be their parents' favorite joke book. This harmless joke book and the authors newest sequel, 101 Ways to bug Your Teachers, will keep your kids laughing for hours. This book teaches kids the humor in real life.

Where To Get Books

Take your kids to the library or bookstore to pick up a great joke book. You never know, you might have a comedian on your hands.

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Joke Books for Kids