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Personalized Children's Photo Books

Susie McGee
 parent taking picture of child

Personalized children's photo books are easy to create and make wonderful one-of-a-kind gifts that will continue to make others smile for years to come.

Creating Personalized Children's Photo Books

Creating personalized children's photo books is actually easy. There are numerous sites, like Shutterfly, that can help you generate a photo book, and these books can help you achieve a professional look. If you do choose an online site to help you create a photo book for your child, look for the following features:

  • Personalization-Choose a photo book that includes the ability to personalize the title of the book, as well text on each page.
  • Cover-For a book that looks professional, choose from leather, hard cover, soft cover, or a padded cover.

Most online photo sites use a simple "drag and drop" technique, in which you upload your photos and organize them in a storyboard format. Many of the photos you choose may be pictures you already have, but you can also take more pictures to correspond with whatever theme you want to use for the photo book.

Photo Book Ideas

Before you get started creating your personalized children's photo book, consider choosing a central theme for the project. The following are just a few popular suggestions for you to consider.

  • Favorite toy-Does your child have a favorite toy or stuffed animal? If so, use the animal in the story. Create a story that features her favorite bear, bunny, etc. To do this, you'll need to take a variety of pictures that feature this toy, and be sure to include her in the majority of the photos as well.
  • Family and friends-Help your child remember relatives and friends who live far away by creating a photo book that includes them throughout the story. Try to add pictures that include each person with your child. When your relatives or friends finally come for a visit, they won't be strangers to your child!
  • Storybook lessons-How about creating a story that actually teaches a lesson, featuring your child? Choose a theme, like ABC's, numbers, colors, or even common body parts, and take photos of your child with items that related to the theme.
  • Zoo photo book-The next time you visit the zoo, be sure and take many pictures of the animals you and your child see. For many of the photos, capture your child in the foreground. Then, create a photo book that features each animal as well as your child. She'll love looking at the animals over and over, and this is the perfect way to hang on to those fun memories!
  • Adoption-Create a story for your child that begins before you bring him home. Document each step of his adoption process, including the day your first hold him in your arms, the day you bring him home, and the day you introduce him to other family members.
  • Siblings-Create a book for your new baby's siblings to help him adjust to the new member of the family. Add individual and group pictures of your child and your family.
  • Milestones-One of the most common children's photo books themes features a child's milestones. Document all of her "firsts" with pictures, inserting short comments to remind her and you of how you both felt with each new accomplishment.
  • Birthdays-Birthday photo books are a great way to preserve those birthday memories.

Popular Photo Book Sites

Instead of the traditional photo book, you can create a personalized book that features your child as the star of an adventure. Kids love to see themselves as the featured character in a storybook. Some of these books will allow you to insert pictures of your child as well. For help with this project, check out the following sites:

  • CND's Kids- Create a magical adventure with your child's personalized book.
  • I See Me!-Choose from animal themes, fairy themes, or even books that feature your child's own drawings.

Children's photo books make great gifts for your child, grandparents, parents, and anyone close to your family.

Personalized Children's Photo Books