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Summertime Reading Activities for Kids

girl reading in field

Having a list of summertime reading activities for kids is a smart way for parents to make sure children fit in reading and have fun while they're out of school.

Encouraging Literacy

Not everyone is a bookworm, so parents who have reluctant readers may be searching for ideas on how to interest their kids in books. Using a variety of tactics to encourage reading is one way to ensure a higher degree of success since different children will respond to different activities.

For some children, having their own quiet zone where they can read in peace and quiet is ideal. Kids who don't care much for solitude may prefer to read in the midst of a lot of action. Either situation is fine, so long as the main goal is reached: boys and girls are encouraged to read, and to learn to love books in the process.

A Variety of Summertime Reading Activities for Kids

It's wise to look for reading activities well before the summer begins. Some reading programs may require advance registration and waiting until the last minute may find you without a spot. Here are just some suggestions for summertime reading activities for kids that parents and children may enjoy:

  • Library programs: Libraries are often busy places during the summer. Parents should check their local branches to see what types of activities are offered. Some libraries hold toddler or pre-K reading sessions where a librarian reads aloud; others show movies at designated times. If your library has a children's section or room available, summer is the perfect season to become acquainted with it. Ask for a calendar of activities so that you know what's coming up. See if the library has an incentive program for avid readers. Best of all, the library is a free resource, so kids can read there all summer long and you don't have to pay a dime.
  • Local bookstores: Bookstores will sometimes give young readers the chance to earn free or discounted books by keeping track of what they read and having a parent or guardian validate it, (this is usually done with some type of form).
  • Form a book club: Summer may be the time your book lover forms his own book club with like-minded peers. This is a great way to keep children occupied with a productive and positive activity. They'll have more time to meet during the summer than during the school year, so they may decide to meet once per week or twice per month.
  • Reading lists: Your child's school may send home a required reading list for the summer with a choice of books that he has to read, and possibly write a report on. The school will likely choose from a recommended list for the age or grade. If the reading list is short, parents should feel free to add suggested reading. The more children read, the more it helps them in other areas, such as expanding their vocabulary and writing skills.
  • Make your own activity: If you'd like more options in reading activities, create your own. For every book that a child reads, have her write a book report. She should include information such as:
    • Main characters,
    • What she liked
    • What she didn't like
    • Other possible endings
    • Favorite characters
    • Kids may be encouraged to draw or paint a picture about the book as well

    Summer and Beyond

    With more free time on their hands, kids should be given different options for constructive activities while they're out of school. Parents may want to have a variety of reading activities for them to do. It will help make them better readers and give you pockets of quiet time.
Summertime Reading Activities for Kids