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Top Children's Books Written by Celebrities

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Please Baby Please
Please Baby Please

Finding the top children's books written by celebrities can be overwhelming considering the number of publications available. In some cases, a favorite celebrity may help you narrow your search. In others, you may find little more than a disappointment.

Top Children's Books Written by Celebrities

While many celebrity children's books are often criticized for falling short of great works written by children's authors like Dr. Seuss, some are not without merit.

Following are eight of the top children's books written by celebrities:

  1. Marsupial Sue is a great book for parents who want to introduce children to rhyme and meter while developing a love of reading. The book is one of several written by John Lithgow. The book is described as a "whimsical song set to pictures", ideal for children 4 to 8 years old. Some find the language in the poetry to be too advanced for the age group, however.
  2. Please, Baby, Please and Please, Puppy, Please by Spike Lee are endearing stories, but the illustrations are the real force behind the books. Kadir Nelson's illustrations are magnificent. The artwork alone makes these books excellent choices for a child's collection.
  3. Tell Me again About the Night I Was Born for ages 3 to 7 is a children's picture book about adoption that takes a surprising perspective. Jamie Lee Curtis, who seems to stand out among the celebrity children book writers according to some critics, wrote the book.
  4. Billy Crystal's book I Already Know I Love You is a great pick for grandparents. The book is for babies up to 2 years old and it tells a story of a man anticipating the birth of his grandchild. It won the Child magazine's Best Children's Book Award in 2004. Some critics find the perspective to be difficult for very young children to understand and suggest that the book may be better suited for children 4 to 8 years old.
  5. Mandy by Julie Andrews Edwards is ideal for kids aged 8 to 12 years old. The book tells a story about an orphan who has issues with "borrowing" things. The writing is lovely, compassionate and engaging.

Other Kids' Books by Celebrities

Developing a love of reading involves motivation, including the parents' motivation to read to their children. If you find that reading a story written by one of your favorite celebrities motivating, you may be interested in some of the following:

  • The English Roses, Madonna
  • Halloween, Jerry Seinfeld
  • The Jolly Mon, Jimmy Buffet
  • Just the Two of Us, Will Smith
  • The Saga of Baby Divine, Bette Midler
  • Propeller One-Way Night Coach, John Travolta
  • The Teddy Bear's Picnic, Jerry Garcia
  • Charlie the Caterpillar, Dom Deluise
  • Coat of Many Colors, Dolly Parton
  • What's Happening to Grandpa?, Maria Shriver
  • Dad, Are You the Tooth Fairy?, Jason Alexander
  • Big Book of Manners, Whoopi Goldberg
  • The Fisherman's Song, Carly Simon
  • The Brand New Kid, Katie Couric
  • Queen of the Scene, Queen Latifah
  • The Family Huddle, Peyton, Eli and Archie Manning

Which celebrity books for kids top the list? That depends on your personal taste. As long as it inspires you to read with your kids, any title is worth considering for your collection of children's books.

Do you have any books to add? Please leave your favorite children's books by celebrities in the comment section.

Top Children's Books Written by Celebrities