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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the most well-known musical composers. Help kids learn more about the fascinating life of the man who learned to read music before words with a biographical children's book.

Picture Books

Children from preschool through upper elementary school, including those who can and can't read independently, enjoy these creative snapshots of Mozart's life.

Mozart: The Wonder Child

Diane Stanley is an accomplished author whose awards include the Orbis Pictus Award for Outstanding Nonfiction for Children and The Washington Post Children's Book Guild Nonfiction Award. Her 2009 biography of Mozart titled Mozart: The Wonder Child has 48 pages and is suggested for kids ages 4-8. This unique portrait of Mozart's life is illustrated as a puppet play where each character is drawn as a marionette. The text is written in a clear, compact manner with lyrical qualities making it easier to read about the sometimes difficult life of this composer. The main focus is on his childhood accomplishments, but it does touch on his adult life. Purchase a hardcover copy for around $18.

The Making of Mozart

The Making of Mozart by Ciaran Murtagh was published in 2017. Murtagh is a writer and actor who has written dozens of children's books and worked on the scripts for popular shows like Shaun the Sheep and PJ Masks. His awards include the Leicester Best Book Award and a Riveting Reads Award. This 32-page book is produced by Collins Big Cat as a guided reader for kids from ages 4-11. Readers will find a brief overview of the top moments and accomplishments across Mozart's entire life. Illustrated portraits, a glossary of terms, and a timeline of fictional diary entries by young Mozart add to this biography for younger readers. Paperback copies are available for under $10.

Mozart's Wig

The funny cartoonlike illustrations in Mozart's Wig paired with a fictional storyline that presents factual information make this a fun read for kids ages 7-10. The author of over 50 children's books, Gerry Bailey, gives you a creative look at Mozart's life in this book from the Stories of Great People series from award-winning educational publisher, Crabtree. Published in 2009, this 40-page picture book has a Lexile measure of 880L. The storyline features two kids exploring a market. When they come across a wig, the vendors teach them quick facts about Mozart using fun props from around the market. Resource Links Magazine reviewed the series as "an excellent addition to the biography section of the library," so grab your paperback copy for under $10.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Revised)

Renowned educational publisher, Scholastic, brings readers the Getting to Know the World's Great Composers series. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, written and illustrated by Mike Venezia, was revised in 2017 to include new facts. This 32-page picture book features illustrations and thought-bubbles reminiscent of comics. Kids ages 8-9 will love learning about Mozart's life, style, and music from childhood through death in this humorous format. The Old Schoolhouse Magazine publishers rave "We consider these biographies the number one source for young readers."Add this fun biography to your library for around $20 from Scholastic.

Chapter Books

Beginning readers and ambitious parents can dive into early chapter book biographies for a more in-depth look at the life of the legendary composer.

Who Was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Published by Penguin Young Readers, the Who Was books are part of The New York Times best-selling series. Written by Yona Zeldis McDonough and illustrated by Carrie Robbins, Who Was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, pairs black and white images with simple text in a chapter book featuring seven chapters in 112 pages. With a Lexile measure of 790L, this book is ideal for readers ages 8-12. The story follows the personal and professional life of Mozart and features a glimpse into the era in which he lived. Readers will find timelines and a bibliography in this 2003 biography. Get your paperback copy for under $6.

Musical Genius: A Story About Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The Creative Minds series features Musical Genius: A Story About Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by Barbara Allmann. This 64-page chapter book was published in 2004 and is meant for kids in grades 3-5. It is a standard biography composed of six chapters with few black and white line drawings by Janet Hamlin. The story starts with Mozart's childhood and works through the rest of his life. The simple text reads like a classic storybook with a Lexile measure of 830L. School Library Journal gave the biography a favorable review, calling the series "entertaining and engaging." Get your paperback copy for under $10.

Mozart: The Boy Who Changed the World...

Trusted brand, National Geographic Kids, presents the World History Biography series. In 2013 author Marcus Weeks penned Mozart: The Boy Who Changed the World With His Music, a 64-page full-color look at the life and times of Mozart. The book is split into four distinct sections: one for his childhood, concerts, later life and his death. Each section features maps, timelines, photographs and other images to help illustrate what the world Mozart lived in looked and felt like. Not only will readers learn about Mozart, they'll learn about the world in his time. With a 1050L Lexile measure, this biography is great for readers ages 8-12. Looking Glass Review praised the book not just for its story about Mozart, but also background info about the times Mozart lived in. Paperback copies are available for around $6.

An Extraordinary Life

Children's nonfiction books on Mozart teach kids about his childhood, family, talents and accomplishments in a fun, engaging way. Books with extras like pictures, maps and actual sheet music grab the attention of even the youngest readers. Make history fun when you read a biography of a great historical figure.

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Mozart Biographies for Kids