Holiday Multicultural Books for Children

reading during Hanukkah
Read holiday stories from around the world.

Understanding the world around them is difficult for children who are accustomed to their own holidays and traditions. Bring home some multicultural books for your child that can help him expand his knowledge of global cultures.

Holiday Multicultural Picture Books

Pictures can help illustrate the different traditions and cultures to young children. Holiday books for toddlers and beginning readers with rich pictures will make it easier for kids to remember what was just read to them. Just a few books to read include:

Multicultural Holiday Chapter Books

Older children will find chapter books more engaging and challenging to read. They can read them in their free time and even use nonfiction books for school projects on various cultures. Both nonfiction texts and fictionalized storybooks are good to give children for a well-rounded understanding of holidays across different cultures.

Happy Holiday Books

Having a good collection of holiday books will help children understand differences between themselves and their friends. Celebrate diversity and promote unity by sharing cultural traditions around the world with your children.

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Holiday Multicultural Books for Children