Personalized Story Books

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A personalized story book is a gift that many children love, and will read over and over again. Kids of all ages can appreciate seeing themselves in an exciting book, and for young children and reluctant readers, the title becomes practically magical.

Personalized Story Books

Many kids are unfamiliar with the concept of personalized story books, which is an advantage for parents and relatives. Kids who receive the books often think that the author used their names by coincidence, which can be especially exciting for kids who have unusual names or dislike their names. Others may think that the author used their names and their friends' names on purpose, which makes them feel that a customized book is far more special than any other book. Lots of kids give personalized books a special place on their shelves and keep them well into adulthood.

The most common information that companies use in a personalized story book is a child's name and the names of two or three of his friends. Some books offer more detail and may also ask for a child's age, hometown, and hobbies. Most feature a dedication page at the front of the book that includes a picture of the child and a note that says the book was created especially for him or her.

Personalized books are ideal gifts for birthdays or holidays, but they're also great tools to use with kids who are learning to read. Seeing themselves within the pages of a book can boost motivation and make a child work harder to pick up literacy skills. For kids who don't always get much attention at home or who feel as if they are always competing with siblings and friends, customized books are a way to highlight their individual worth and show them that other people notice, care about and love them.

Where to Buy

Fortunately, the quality and availability of personalized books has risen through the years, and dozens of companies now offer the service with varying levels of detail and price tiers. Though people who wanted to give a special child a customized book years ago may have had only a few choices of plot, it's now possible to locate a book that touches on even the most unique themes and interests.

The companies below all offer a range of books. For further information about their products, contact them directly. If you can't find a book below that fits the criteria you have in mind, keep looking; the provided list is limited, and there are many other companies that also publish personalized books.

  • Create a Book - Along with personalized photos and posters, Create a Book sells special customized birthday books, inspirational books, sports titles, and more. They use a child's name as well as his friends' names, hometown, and age.
  • Put Me in the Story - This company offers personalized Disney story books, including titles that relate to Toy Story, Cars, Snow White, Finding Nemo, and Winnie the Pooh, are available at Walmart and several other retail outlets. The books feature a child and her friends in a Disney adventure.
  • I See Me! - I See Me! books are meant for children up to age 12. They have high-quality illustrations and some particularly unique titles, such as My Very Own Pirate Tale, My Very Own Fairy Tale, and a personalized book about Hanukkah. The company can also turn a child's drawings into a fully bound story book.
  • Wonderbly - This company offers books in age ranges 0-3 years, 3 - 6 years, and 6+ years old. Their top books include Bedtime for You, Lost My Name, and Where Are You...? They even have a holiday book called Christmas Wishes for You. Books are offered in 12 languages and can be shipped around the world.
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Personalized Story Books