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Pokemon Books

Michele Meleen
Pokemon books on store shelf

The Pokémon franchise began as a video game which turned into a card game. Its popularity led to a television series and movies, and now includes dozens of books. Kids who love the sense of adventure and skill portrayed by the trainers and the inventive creatures in this franchise can learn every detail about their favorite aspects from books like these.

Stand Alone Books

Fans collecting cards, building winning pokédex, or interested in the background of different show characters can find all the information they need in individual books like these. As the franchise is still growing, updated versions are regularly published to keep fans up to date.

The Official National Pokedex

Published in 2017 this 700-page book features information about all known Pokémon with several bonus materials. Pokemon Ultra Sun & Pokemon Ultra Moon Edition: The Official National Pokedex by Pokémon Company International is the ultimate guide to the characters in this franchise. Readers learn about each character's abilities and evolutions to help with collecting or gameplay. Bonus materials include a Pokédex poster and a checklist to keep track of the characters you own. Kids of all ages can use the guide which costs around $20.

The Pokémon Encyclopedia

Fans of the Pokémon animated cartoon series will love The Pokémon Encyclopedia. For only $20 this nearly 300-page guide provides information on every aspect of the show from important battles to the different Pokémon main character Ash encounters. Illustrations and drawings bring the characters and unique locations to life for young readers eager to keep track of the Pokémon world created by the cartoon.

Official Pokemon Book of Joy

Pokémon trainers on their journey to greatness can learn valuable lessons from those who came before them. This fun book takes quotes from Pokémon masters in the television shows and presents them as a guide for future trainers. With nearly 200 pages of inspirational messages, the Official Pokemon Book of Joy is the perfect addition to any fan's library for around $15. Kids of all ages can appreciate these quotes about love, friendship, and hard work accompanied by illustrations of their favorite characters.

The Official Adventure Guide

Recommended for kids ages seven to ten, this guidebook by Simcha Whitehill chronicles Ash's journey so far in the television series up to its 2016 publication date. Pokémon The Official Adventure Guide: Ash's Quest From Kanto to Kalos is a 150-page book loaded with details about each stop on Ash's journey as a Pokémon trainer including the places he sees and the people he meets. Grab your copy for under $10 to better understand this main character in the Pokémon franchise.

Official Guide to Legendary and Mythical Pokemon

Written by Simcha Whitehill, the Official Guide to Legendary and Mythical Pokémon has a Lexile Measure of 890 making it ideal for readers in grades two through five. Readers get a snapshot of the rarest pokémon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos with quick size statistics and brief background information. For under $20 kids can experience the mystery surrounding this relatively unseen creatures.

Book Series

Readers of all ages looking to immerse themselves in the world of Pokémon are occupied for days on end with these nonfiction and fiction series.

Pokémon Junior

The Pokémon Junior early reader book series features 15 books for young readers ages five to eight with a Lexile Measure of 260L. Authors Bill Michaels, Sarah E. Heller, Gregg Sacon, Tracey West, and illustrator Keith Batcheller help the youngest readers gain insight on popular characters. Used copies sell for around $5 each.

  1. Surf's Up, Pikachu!
  2. Meowth, the Big Mouth
  3. Save Our Squirtle!
  4. Bulbasaur's Bad Day
  5. Two of a Kind?
  6. Raichu Shows Off
  7. Nidoran's New Friend
  8. A Pokemon Snow-Down
  9. Snorlax Takes a Stand
  10. Good-bye, Lapras
  11. Bellossom's Big Battle
  12. The Snubbull Blues
  13. Hoot Hoot's Haunted Forest
  14. Pichu's Apple Company
  15. The Wobbuffet Village-Pokemon

Pokémon Reader

Kids ages four to eight who are just learning to read can enjoy these eight Pokémon Readers by Tracey West. Each 32-page book follows a Pokémon television show episode making the characters and storylines accessible to very young children.

  1. Pikachu in Love
  2. Togepi Springs Into Action!
  3. The Haunted Gym
  4. Let It Snow!
  5. Catch That Wobbuffet!
  6. Get Well, Pikachu!
  7. Snack Attack!
  8. Time Out For Torchic

Pokemon Battle Frontier

Author Tracey West shares Pokémon's Battle Frontier in a four-book series of early chapter books for readers ages seven to nine. Each book is based off an episode from the 9th season of the Pokémon animated series titled Battle Frontier. Each book costs around $4.

The Official Pokémon Handbooks

This four-book set features concepts of gameplay and detailed descriptions of all the characters known at the time of publication. Authors include Maria S. Barbo, Tina Painton, and Joshua Izzo. Book one was published in 1999 with over 150 pages of information. Book two, published in 2000, presents additional training tips and little-known statistics for each character in around 65 pages. Book three contains about 100 pages of updated and new information and was published in 2001. Book four, The Official Pokemon Advanced Handbook published in 2003 and features roughly 60 pages of updated statistics, characters, and playing tips.

Pokémon Adventures Series

With over fifty titles, these Japanese-inspired manga books by Hidenori Kusaka were modeled after the Pokémon video games and have been published in English in the U.S. by VizKids. Each part of the series is represented by a color name indicating the main character of the same color name. You can get box sets for each collection for around $40.

  • Pokémon Adventures includes volumes one through seven and features main characters Red, Blue, and Green as they seek to become great trainers.
  • Gold and Silver includes volumes eight through fourteen and features main characters Gold, Silver, and Crystal who work together against Team Rocket.
  • Ruby and Sapphire includes volumes 15 through 22 where Ruby and Sapphire have a bet to see who can achieve their selected trainer goals first.
  • FireRed and LeafGreen consists of volumes23 and 24 which follows Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Silver on an epic adventure to save the world from another Team Rocket threat.
  • Emerald includes volumes 25 through 29 where Emerald meets Ruby and Sapphire and all accept the Battle Frontier Challenge.
  • Diamond and Pearl Platinum is volumes 30 through 40 featuring Lady Platinum Berlitz who believes she's being accompanied to her coming-of-age ceremony by two bodyguards. Through a miscommunication Diamond and Pearl are the two people Platinum believes are her bodyguards. The trio embarks on an epic quest where they must save others. Reviewer Phoebe says "is a great book for kids ages 8-12 who already like Pokémon" but reminds readers that manga comics like this must be read from right to left.
  • HeartGold and SoulSilver consists of volumes 41 and 42 features Silver, Gold, and Crystal teaming up once more to solve the case of a missing person.
  • Black and White includes volumes 43 through 52 where Black is trying to become a master trainer, but he gets caught up by accident working for a girl named White.

Pokémon Chapter Books

With Lexile Measures from 380L- 560L this 28-book series is ideal for kids ages seven to ten. Authors Tracey West, Howard Derwin, Sheila Sweeny, and Jennifer Johnson share stories inspired by the animated show to give readers in-depth looks at the different trainers and Pokémon. Reviewer Kerry Ann Morgan says of this series "Think equivalent of The Magic Treehouse series, therefore good for any young independent reader."

  1. I Choose You!
  2. Island of the Giant Pokemon
  3. Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon
  4. Night in the Haunted Tower
  5. Team Rocket Blasts Off!
  6. Charizard, Go!
  7. Splashdown in Cerulean City
  8. Return of the Squirtle Squad
  9. Journey to the Orange Islands
  10. The Secret of the Pink Pokemon
  11. The Four-Star Challenge
  12. Scyther, Heart of a Champion
  13. Race to Danger
  14. Talent Showdown
  15. Psyduck Ducks Out
  16. Thundershock in Pummelo Stadium
  17. Go West, Young Ash
  18. Ash Ketchum, Pokemon Detective
  19. Prepare for Trouble
  20. Battle for the Zephyr Badge
  21. The Chikorita Challenge
  22. All Fired Up
  23. Ash to the Rescue
  24. Secrets of the GS Ball
  25. Prize Pokemon
  26. Teaming Up With Totodile
  27. Tough Enough
  28. Winner Takes All

A Whole New World

When kids read Pokémon books they get the chance to explore an imaginary world that feels familiar to their own sense of discovery and creativity. Readers as young as preschool age can enjoy the adventures of Ash Ketchum, his friends and other trainers, and the cool Pokémon creatures.

Pokemon Books