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Scholastic Authors and Books

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Scholastic authors and books are staples in many family homes and school classrooms. The company not only offers books to kids of all levels, but also has plenty of support for kids, parents and teachers.

About Scholastic Authors and Books

The Scholastic company has a rich history, having been in business since 1920, and now provides educational books and materials to promote literacy around the world. The company's mission and credo support the effort to bring reading and literacy to children everywhere.

While many parents and teacher are familiar with Scholastic book fairs and book clubs, they may not realize exactly what Scholastic authors and books are available. A little knowledge about exactly what is offered through Scholastic helps make choosing the right books and authors easy.

Top Scholastic Titles

Scholastic has a number of book series available for kids to choose amongst. Popular books series, such as the Clifford series, Magic Schoolbus, Harry Potter and more are offered through Scholastic. Find more top series, including:

  • The 39 Clues, a mystery adventure series following siblings Amy and Dan as they work to discover their family's powerful secret
  • Allie Finkle, a series following fourth-grader Allie as she navigates a new school, friendships and learns life lessons
  • Animorphs, a series that follow a group of kids trying to defeat alien invaders
  • Bone, a graphic novel series following the three Bone cousins in their adventures together

In addition to book series, plenty of stand-alone books are also offered. Check out If You're a Monster And You Know It or The Odious Ogre for a couple of great reads.

Plenty of nonfiction books for children are also available, touching on topics as diverse as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to handling emotions to children's dictionaries. Historical fiction, such as the Dear America book series, is also available through Scholastic.

Popular Scholastic Authors

Scholastic hosts a wide range of authors, from those who specialize in fiction writing for early elementary readers to nonfiction historical books for upper elementary students. Several of these Scholastic authors include:

  • Dav Pilkey, author of the Captain Underpants series
  • Louis Sachar, author of Sideways Stories at Wayside School and There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom
  • Bruce Coville, author of The Monster's Ring and The Ghost Wore Gray
  • Mary Pope Osborn, author of The Magic Treehouse series

Learn more about various Scholastic authors by visiting either the Stacks author section or the Teacher's author and illustrator area online.

Visit Scholastic Online

Plenty of information, resources and information is available on Scholastic books and authors by visiting the various areas of Scholastic online. Scholastic has areas devoted to kids, parents and teachers, making it easy to find the information you need geared to your interests:

  • Children: Kids can hit the Stacks, a section of Scholastic online devoted to youngsters and their favorite books and authors. Here, they can play games, read blogs and even join the message boards to talk about their favorite books and characters.
  • Parents: Parents will find lots of useful information in their section at Scholastic, and not all of it on choosing books. From homework help to family life issues, there are lots of articles and information for parents to use at Scholastic.
  • Teachers: Abundant teacher resources are available through Scholastic. Handouts, teaching guides, and a leveled book search are just a few of the helpful tools available to educators.

Scholastic offers some of the best children's books, so be sure to check out the book orders, fairs and online information when you need to add books to your home or classroom library. Visit the Scholastic Store to buy books, toys, games, crafts and tutorial aids that make reading fun and exciting for your child.

Scholastic Authors and Books